“The best, the most effective, and the surest way of bringing lasting peace on earth is through the great power of Eucharistic adoration.”

~St. John Paul II

Since 2000 our Eucharistic Lord has been perpetually enthroned and adored here at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center. We thank God for the many graces He has poured out on the world because of our adoration and we pray that this Center will continue to be a source of grace for the world – which is in so much need. Make time to visit the Lord. He is waiting for you…

Stop by any time for a visit.
Enter the Holy Rosary Chapel and look to the left.

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Current Number of Adorers per Hour - Ideally there should be 2 people per Hour at all times!

What is Adoration?

Not enough time?

How many people do you Love that you don’t set aside time to be with?


Do you want Peace?

What is there to lose?

Try it and see if it doesn’t bear fruit in your life !