I encourage you to visit our Adoration Chapel it’s beautiful.

If you haven’t seen it put it on your list of things to do soon!

I challenge you to make the commitment to sign up and spend an hour

each week with the Lord , don’t have the time you say ,

sign up to come in the middle of the night.

Try it and see if it doesn’t bear fruit in your life !

Scripture tells us we must love the Lord above all things.

How many people do you Love that you don’t set aside time to be with?

Make the Commitment Today!

What are you waiting for to do your best for Our Lord ?

Email: adoration(at)

People can become an adorer by committing to an hour a week .


By getting a friend and sharing an hour a week


Get a Group

Sign up for an hour a week and a group of four can take one week each month


Larger Groups can take a group of hours .


Your parish could commit to taking a Day Fill all twenty four hours .

Email Keith for details:  adoration(at)