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Monday, March 2nd-11am-12
Tuesday, March 3rd -6pm-7pm

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Monday, March 9th-11am-12
Tuesday, March 10th -6pm-7pm

Monday, March 16th-11am-12
Tuesday, March 17th -6pm-7pm

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Monday, March 23rd-11am-12
Tuesday, March 24th-6pm-7pm


RC Women's Monthly Retreat

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Sacraments and Sacramentals

March 11th, 2020

6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Divine Mercy Room

Mass, Meditation, Reflective, Talk, and Confession. Enjoy light refreshments, fellowship and group discussion.


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AT OUR LADY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT CENTER (all proceeds benefit Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center & Our Lady of Light)

Eric Genuis is a composer, virtuoso pianist and captivating performer. Since 1997, he has been performing his works throughout the world in countries including the United States, Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, and Poland.

In addition to performing for millions of people, Genuis has composed and recorded 4 CDs and written music for film, documentaries, television and Internet media.Having recently recorded with the famed Maestro Allan Wilson of London, England and the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra, he is currently touring the United States with an ensemble of world class musicians.

Shroud Encounter


6:30 PM-8PM


Shroud Encounter is a dramatic big screen experience and in-depth exploration into the mysteries of the Shroud of Turin. Using a CSI approach, audiences are taken on a thought provoking adventure through early church history, ancient art, modern science, and medical forensics.

Could the Shroud be the most important archaeological artifact ever found, or is it just a medieval fake? Does it provide clues to what happened during the crucifixion and resurrection, or is it just a pious art work created to represent these events? After thousands of hours of scientific analysis, the Shroud remains a profound mystery.

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Shroud Encounter Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center Events

Press Release
For Immediate Release
Date: March 19,2020
Contact: 513-351-9800
SHROUD ENCOUNTER will be coming to Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center located at 5440 Moeller Ave in Norwood, OH at 6:30 PM. Admission is free.

Shroud Encounter is a production of the Shroud of Turin Education Project, Inc. and will be presented by international expert Russ Breault. The presentation is a fast moving, big-screen experience using over 200 images covering all aspects of Shroud research.
Mr. Breault has been featured in several national documentaries seen on CBS, History Channel EWTN and Discovery. He has been interviewed for Good Morning America and ABC World News Tonight and was a consultant for CNN’s Finding Jesus series. He has presented at numerous colleges and universities including Duke, West Point, Johns Hopkins, Penn State and many others. See ShroudEncounter.com for more info.
The Shroud of Turin is the most analyzed artifact in the world yet remains a mystery. The 14-foot long linen cloth that has been in Turin, Italy for over 400 years and bears the faint front and back image of a 5'10" bearded, crucified man with apparent wounds and bloodstains that match the crucifixion account as recorded in the bible. Millions of people over the centuries have believed it be the actual burial shroud of Jesus. The historical trail tracks back through Italy, France, Asia Minor (Turkey) and may have originated in the Middle East according to botanical evidence.
A team of nearly 40 scientists in 1981 concluded it was not the work of an artist. They found no visible trace of paint, pigment, dye or other artistic substances on the cloth. The blood is type AB with human male DNA as determined in 1995. Skeptics have mounted numerous attempts to show how a medieval artist could have produced the image but all have been inadequate to fully explain how it was formed. If the cloth indeed wrapped a corpse, there are no stains of body decomposition.
The Shroud was largely dismissed in 1988 when three carbon dating labs indicated a medieval origin. However chemical research published in a peer reviewed scientific journal in 2005 showed that the single sample cut from the outside corner edge may not have been part of the original Shroud material. In violation of the sampling protocol, only one sample was used for dating and was cut from the most handled area of the cloth, an area that should have been avoided. The sample may have been part of a section that was repaired sometime during the Middle Ages. Many scientists now believe the carbon dating result is inconclusive.
Adding more doubt to the carbon dating tests, as published in 2013 by scientists with Padua University in Italy, new chemical and mechanical decay analysis performed on a dozen other linen samples up to 5,000 years old indicate a comparative date range for the Shroud of 280 BC to 220 AD.

The mystery continues. National Geographic called it "One of the most perplexing enigmas of modern times." Shroud Encounter will cover all aspects of the history, science, art and theories of how the image may have been formed.

Shroud Encounter Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center

Biography of Russ Breault

RUSS BREAULT has been researching and lecturing on The Shroud of Turin for over 30 years. His highly acclaimed presentation known as Shroud Encounter makes use of over 200 superb images and unfolds like a CSI investigation. The audience is intrigued as each clue is revealed and becomes another piece of a grand puzzle as the mystery of the Shroud is explored. Carefully designed to be educational and entertaining, he delivers a dynamic, fast-paced experience.

Russ Breault has presented to hundreds of audiences from New York to Hawaii. College and university presentations include Duke, Johns Hopkins, Penn State, Cal State and many others.

He has appeared in several nationally televised documentaries including Mysteries of the Ancient World on CBS. Most recently, he appeared in the highly acclaimed, Uncovering the Face of Jesus —A two-hour documentary on The History Channel. Mr. Breault was both advisor and a primary expert for this groundbreaking program. He was a primary expert for EWTN’s documentary, The Holy Winding Sheet. He has also been interviewed for Good Morning America and World News Tonight and was a consultant for CNN’s Finding Jesus episode on the Shroud.

He hosted and produced 12 episodes of The Shroud Report, a half-hour interview show with the world's leading experts.

He has participated in over a dozen international research symposiums since 1981 and three public exhibitions in Turin, Italy in 1998, 2000 and 2010.

He is a long-time member of the Shroud Science Group, an international consortium of scientists and scholars dedicated to further research.

Mr. Breault is the president and founder of the Shroud of Turin Education Project Inc., the mission of which is to: “Advance the knowledge of the shroud to a new generation.”

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